5 prompts for writing death penalty essays

The death penalty is a topic of great discussion and deliberation, and has been for decades. It’s because of the great controversy attached to this topic that teachers often assign it for their students to write. How is it possible to write an essay on a topic that has been rehashed so many times?

It’s not always about having a completely unique topic; what’s more important is your completely unique response. First of all, it will be your choice to decide whether you will write in favor or against. After you have done some background reading, you may even find yourself wavering back and forth, wondering which side you really stand on. Many very persuasive writers have covered both sides. Here are 5 prompts in favor and 5 prompts against:

Prompts in favor of the death penalty:

  1. The death penalty provides a deterrent to future criminals who commit murder
  2. It is more economical for a nation to have the death penalty than to incarcerate murderers for a lifetime
  3. It is necessary to take a life for a life in a just society
  4. It is more humane to use the death penalty than imprison someone for life
  5. It is very rare that innocent persons are executed

Prompts against the death penalty:

  1. It hasn’t been proven the death penalty prevents murders from taking place
  2. When the death penalty is instigated it doesn’t give the guilty person the chance to recompense what he/she has done
  3. Sometimes the death penalty is applied in an unfair manner
  4. There’s always the risk of innocent people being executed
  5. Using the death penalty is not a fair and just method for the justice system

There will always be people who take a very strong stand on either one side or the other when it comes to a highly controversial subject such as the death penalty. There are still many unique angles you can take even though this subject has been written on so extensively. Think about all the possibilities. What angle makes you feel passion? That’s the perfect one to write about.

It’s highly beneficial to read through other peoples’ essays on the same topic. It will give you more ideas of what angle to explore. A great deal of resource material exists on this topic because of its popularity as an essay subject.

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