8 Prompts For Using Online Research Paper Writing Services

The prompt is the most important part of a research assignment. Prompts serve as elaborate questions and it is your job to answer them effectively. They can be based on various topics of interest in society and in writing your paper you are to not only answer them but do so with supporting evidence and resources. Here are 8 prompts for using online research paper writing services:

  1. Airplane accidents: Who are responsible for airplane accidents and should victims’ families be entitled to compensation?
  2. Alcohol: Should the legal drinking age in the U.S. be lowered to 18?
  3. Privacy: How much access should the government have to the general public? Should they be able to wire tap without permission?
  4. Religion: Is religion more beneficial or harmful to society?
  5. Terrorism: What defines terrorism and can it ever be justified?
  6. Child discipline: Should be spanking be allowed? And what would constitute physical abuse?
  7. Marijuana: Should the federal government legalize the use of marijuana? And if so, how should it be regulated?
  8. Media: Does the media report fairly? Is there ever a crossing of the line between reporting news and creating news?

Each of the listed prompts asks a central question or two and this serves as the center of the research and thesis. Because they are mostly debatable questions the research paper would likely have an argumentative tone so the writer must take a side and use supporting evidence. For instance, on the topic of religion and its effect on society, the writer can use reports of various incidents and conflicts that have occurred based on religious conflict or intolerance, if they take the perspective that religion is more harmful than beneficial to society. With the child discipline topic the writer would probably want to find various sources in the fields of psychology and law. Some of these topics and prompts are controversial issues, which can make for a great research paper if handled correctly. There may be an issue that is ethically ambiguous and in such a case the writer should look at the possible sides to take, assess each and argue for one in particular.

When using online research paper writing services, you should choose a good prompt with a clear question. Not only should the topic be of interest but there should definitely be enough information to support a thesis or position. Be detailed in addressing what is needed for the research paper.

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