What Is The Common Structure Of An Essay Paragraph

An essay paragraph is commonly made up of one idea. Whether you are writing an argumentative piece, a descriptive piece, a research paper, or anything in between, you will have many key ideas to cover. And each of those ideas is given one paragraph.

In addition to that, a good rule of thumb for beginners is to have an average of four to five sentences per paragraph. You need to have a topic sentence at the start, and a transitional sentence at the end.

With that information in mind, you may be struggling to come up with a viable topic for your paper, and perhaps that is why you are unsure of the structure for your paragraphs. That being said, you can always peruse the lists below and look for an essay topic that is truly interested to you, or at least something that is strongly related to the assignment details for your upcoming essay. Make sure to use these potential topics as a starting point.

For those interested in a topic for a paper related to government, there are a few great topics listed below:

  • You can write a paper addressing the official and perhaps unofficial role of the First Lady in any country of your choice
  • You can write about why some Americans cannot cite the Declaration of Independence or the Pledge of Allegiance
  • You can craft a paper addressing what the needs of the state are and whether they require more autonomy
  • You can write about what benefits social welfare programs bring, or conversely, why they are bad
  • You can also write a paper addressing measures that can be taken to alleviate or reduce the national deficit

If you are in need of a health related topic, you have many areas from which to choose. You can review the list below and see if any of the ideas stand out to you:

  • You can write a paper addressing whether body building is actually healthy or whether it is done purely for ego
  • You can write about the effects that caffeine consumption has on your diet
  • You can write a paper that addresses hunger in third world countries and any potential solutions
  • You can write an essay that speaks about the benefits of organ transplants as well as the risks
  • You can craft an essay that addresses the different levels of corruption within the health care industry
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