Non plagiarized essays are very expensive

If you’ve decided to purchase an essay rather than writing one yourself for a project, you’ve found that prices vary wildly. Before you consider a free or bargain priced essay, keep in mind that such works are nearly always plagiarized. Depending on your purpose for purchasing the essay, understand that using a plagiarized work could mean the end of your academic or professional career.

Why are non-plagiarized essays so expensive?

Plagiarized essays are cheap for one simple reason: they are sold over and over again. Some services even offer them for free, or charge only a small fee to gain access to an incredibly vast database of essays. All of these, however, are plagiarized. That is, the essay you receive won’t have been custom written for you. Because someone didn’t devote the man hours to writing your specific essay for you, the essay can be sold at a nominal cost.

Unique, custom essays are expensive, and for good reason. Consider the amount of time it takes to write an essay. Consider as well that in most cases, such essays are purchased from an essay writing service rather than directly from the writer. That means that part of the cost will go to the company, which raises the price even more.

How Can I Pay Less for a Non Plagiarized Essay?

One way to cut costs is to cut out the middle man and purchase an essay directly from a writer. However, this won’t always be cheaper, and it can be more difficult to find a competent, trustworthy writer than to find a service which provides custom written essays. Another option is to purchase a plagiarized essay and use it as a template. That is, rewrite the entire thing from scratch, but use the inexpensive essay for inspiration.

The Best Way to Get a Non-Plagiarized Essay Cheaply

Of course, the best method of all is to write your own non-plagiarized essay as you’re meant to. If, however, that’s out of the question, shop carefully for a non-plagiarized essay and discuss discounts with the service you choose. Some services will lower prices if you provide research sources, notes, or outlines along with your order. These things can cut down on the amount of time it takes the writer to complete your essay. Most of all, if you are determined to buy an essay, don’t choose one based on price alone.

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