Academic Tutorial on How to Write a Conclusion for a College Essay

A conclusion can be extremely difficult to write. This is one of the most important parts of any academic paper. Therefore, you should be very precise when writing it.

The following tips will help you create a good conclusion.

  • A conclusion must be the bridge that will allow readers to “leave” the world of your paper and go on with their lives.
  • This means that in this part of the essay, you must connect your research with the outside world, explaining its place in the field of study. It must help the readers understand why the essay matters.

  • This part of your work must make an impression.
  • Just as introductions create the first impression that either draws the readers in or pushes them away, conclusions make the final impact. A good conclusion can make up for any minor faults in the body of the paper. This is why you should aim to make this part of the essay impeccable.

  • The conclusion of your essay should make the readers see things differently.
  • You must do your best when you present your conclusion to stress the significance of the research and persuade the readers to believe in its validity.

  • Use the “so what” method.
  • If you are struggling with the conclusion, play a game of “so what”. It will be best to ask friends to assist you with this. Let them read the paper, and then present the statements you plan to use in the conclusion to them. After every statement, your friend should ask “so what”, and you have to explain the significance of it. This method will help you sort out the most important conclusions that need to be incorporated in the paper.

  • Connect to the themes presented in the introduction.
  • Your introduction raises several questions that are later answered in the body of the essay. The conclusion should include short answers to each of them. In fact, a conclusion should be the opposite of an introduction.

  • Do not summarize.
  • You will need to incorporate a short summary of the essay’s main points into the conclusion. However, you should aim to make it more complex than a simple retelling of the same phrases. Focus on explaining how the arguments and evidence fit together to produce the conclusion.

  • Do not introduce any new ideas.
  • The conclusion must make a logical end to your research. You shouldn’t use it to open up any new lines of thought.

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