How To Write An Interesting Long Essay About Good Manners

Every student wants to create the perfect essay, but this is not always possible. Most of the time you find yourself starting in a good way, writing with passion, but you get lost along the way. If the topic is also difficult or dull, the project is compromised already. Well, this time you will not be allowed to do this; good manners can be a very interesting topic for an essay, and you have plenty of information to choose from. Besides, you can use your personal experience to say more about this. Follow these guidelines to write an interesting composition:

  • Don’t lecture anyone. In this composition you will discuss a lot about how people should behave. It is easy to lecture your classmates and to seem arrogant or offensive, even if this is not what you want. To avoid this, try to keep all the composition friendly, like you would explain some simple concepts to a friend.
  • Don’t criticize. This is extremely important if you want others to like your text. Remember that you are not there to discuss about individual cases, but to analyze the general rules or what is considered to be good manners. Don’t use your colleagues as examples, and don’t emphasize in front of everyone that they have bad habits. If you do your job in good way, you can change some of them and help them behave better.
  • When does the education start? Good manners means much more than eating nice at the dinner table. It means to know how to talk with the elderly, to know how to handle different situations and how to keep yourself polite all the time. For a teenager, this is almost impossible since they are rebel against any rule. However, parents needs to start educating the children from a very young age, so they will get used to good habits and they will behave like this naturally later on.
  • How we should behave? This entire essay will be interesting, but you have to make it useful for your classmates in the same time. To do this, you can offer some clear guidelines on how they should behave in society, how they should eat and drink, how they should treat other people. If you keep these guidelines simple and logic you will be surprised to notice that they actually followed them.
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