The Physical And Social Impacts Of Video Games On Teenagers Who Have Ready Access To Technology

Of late, video games have formed part of modern teenagers play life. The games have got many different positive and negative impacts to the adolescents. Some of these effects include increased dexterity, improved eye- hand coordination, adolescent aggressiveness, and addiction in the expense of studies.

First, video games are characterized by increased dexterity and enhance a child eye and hand coordination. At an early age children learn to develop a well-balanced eye and hand coordination of various objects in the environment. It allows them to think and develop improved motor capability as well as improved reflexes. Some of the newest games are precision based, and teenagers can control the characters as they play. Such skills of controlling the characters to enable them to be adept at operating and handling machineries and different objects. A survey of parents in United States suggests that they buy and subscribe to home internet services as a way of increasing their children access to educational opportunities.

Violent video games increase teenager’s aggressiveness. Teenagers prone to playing violent games tend to experiment with drugs, delinquency and sex at an earlier age. Such teenagers conceive crime and practices as anti-social behaviors as a conduit to the real world situations. The study also suggests watching violent games is also associated with risky driving, violence, and reckless sexual behaviors. Video games tend to be addictive, and teenagers prone to watching games have been established to develop lower academic performance in their studies. It is perhaps one of the worst negative impacts of playing video games to teenagers who have raised major concern to parents and educators. Research on the real value of video games to teenagers is still sketchy and not well developed. It surrounds on academic skill development, cognitive motor skills, social development as well as violent behaviors. The findings have established that playing violent video games associated with higher aggression scores and hyperactivity and decreased social skills among adolescents. The gun drama in American children is being associated with teens who watch violent games at an earlier age.

Inclusion, playing video games have profound effects on the life of teenagers who are both positive and negative. Even though, video games can improve motor skills development, increased dexterity, and reflexes, games have replaced physical exercise no wonder increased teenage obesity and lifestyle diseases. Teenage concentration in studies has been affected, and the games have resulted in teen’s aggressiveness, careless sexual behaviors, and increased interest to commit crimes.

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