Domestic Abuse vs Narcissistic Abuse

Domestic abuse involves treating others in an unfair manner, to put it lightly. This may include emotional, mental and physical abuse that hurts others in a negative manner. Narcissistic abuse is when a person is practically self-absorbed and self-centered so much to where they don’t even realize it or the individual just doesn’t care. This type of abuse can be known as hurting oneself through the same avenues as a person would do to another (domestic abuse). In either situation they are both unacceptable as they have been detrimental to those involved.

Studies have explored effects of domestic and narcissistic abuse for years. It may actually come down to one question: Which is worse; abusing yourself or a person abusing another person? This aspect is just as complex as researchers try to understand why these types of abuse exist. Why would someone want to harm themselves and why would one person want to make someone else feel bad? Would you want to be insulted by someone else or do you feel bad enough when you insult yourself? The concept here can be confusing yet sad and unexplained.

One aspect that seems to be missing or abused itself is the concept of control. Most people are in control of their own actions, but there are those who take that control too far. Domestic abuse may involve a person who is so controlling they may not realize how bad it really is. They lose control when things don’t go their way or they abuse their control to get what they want. Narcissism abuse may involve a person giving up their control in a way the abuser has a hard time seeing things normally. A person who has been abused by a narcissist may doubt their abilities and feel crazy and confused for no reason; they may not realize they were abused.

Some cases both of these aspects run into each other. For example, a person can be in abusive relationship with a narcissistic individual. It can be difficult for a person to be abused and move forward from it. In either case some suffer long-lasting effects that make it challenging for them to trust someone else. Both parties (the abuser and the victim) need help from a specialist to understand their feelings and actions toward others. Domestic abuse and narcissistic abuse are both issues that need further exploration in hopes to reduce such actions unfortunate to man-kind.

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