Finishing your essays: checking grammar

Every student should be taught the basics of creating an excellent essay. The basic points include the following.

  • choice of title
  • ideal research
  • structure or format of the essay
  • refinement or polishing

Teachers and tutors will go to great lengths to explain the importance of choosing the right title, of pinpointing the areas of research required for that title and of following the formula or structure of the essay as laid down by their educational institution. But what they also need to concentrate on after all of those things is the editing. This is the refinement or the polishing of your essay. And please note that this happens before you hand it in.

Grammar, or should I say correct grammar, is a vital component of any essay. One of the best ways to ensure that you check the grammar of your essay thoroughly and totally is to be well-educated. It does seem a shame that many college students today simply do not know some, if not many, of the fundamentals of correct grammar. It's a bit like numeracy skills today where many people rely on a calculator to work out even the most basic of arithmetic assignments.

But it is certainly the case that there are innumerable software programs available today to assist with the checking and correction of grammar in essays. Most people are familiar with the word processing software from Microsoft Word. They would know that this program has an inbuilt software device for checking both spelling and grammar. However, anyone who uses this software to any extent will soon discover that it will find mistakes in your writing which in fact are not mistakes. This raises the question of what use is a spell check or grammar check software if it is not correct?

If you search online you will discover there are a number of alternative grammar check software programs, some of which are free, which you may find suitable for your needs. Getting the punctuation, spelling and the syntax absolutely correct every time should be your minimum goal.

What you do need to grasp is that the polishing of your essay carries as much importance as the other aspects. Doing all the right research and the best writing you can muster can come unstuck unless you complete the editing process properly. There are several ways to check your grammar but check it you must.

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