10 helpful descriptive essay ideas

The descriptive essay typically puts the focus on one subject and then provides details for some aspects that are related to the main focus. What is the goal of this type of essay? It’s not to sway their viewpoint; it’s not to compare two different ideas. The main purpose of the descriptive essay is to enlighten the reader about the specific topic you’ve chosen.

The descriptive essay can be written using the following 10 helpful tips:

  1. It must be engaging; narrative description can tend to be tedious if you aren’t careful to hold onto the reader’s attention.
  2. Provide a basic description so the reader knows what to expect to learn from reading your essay.
  3. Choose your details carefully and conscientiously. Because you are basically providing information, include what’s important and interesting; omit what isn’t important or is just plain redundant.
  4. Discuss the details in a way that paints a captivating mental image for the reader. Help them weave a clear picture in their mind.
  5. Describe using all the senses. Instead of just relying on descriptions of sight, use smell, taste, touch, hearing etc. Are there people in your descriptive essay? How did they feel? What were they going through? Why did they react the way they did? What did they think?
  6. Use clear and concise language. Let your words do all the talking. Take your reader on an adventure with your words and language. Try to invoke emotion and attachment in your reader.
  7. Consult a thesaurus during the entire writing process so you can choose from a variety of colorful words to use in your descriptions.
  8. Instead of focusing on generic or general aspects of your topic, get into the very fine details.
  9. Get someone to read your essay, preferably someone you haven’t been consulting with during the writing process. Don’t tell them the purpose of your essay. Have them read it and tell you what goal they think you had in writing it. That will tell you a great deal. Get their feelings and feedback and then use it to revise your essay if necessary. This is highly recommended.
  10. Proofread and edit. This step is just too important to skip. Polishing up your grammar and logic can take your essay from okay to great if done properly.

These 10 helps should get you started on the path to a great descriptive essay today.

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