Florence Renaissance


Renaissance; the period of revival or rebirth in the 14th century created fundamental changes in the culture, politics, and society of Europe, find its root in Florence, Italy. This brief write-up sheds light on the factors which instrumentalised the early renaissance in the city. The renaissance in Florence refers to revival in two aspects; the first is the rebirth of humans as more important beings; people realized that this world is a place to enjoy instead of miserably waiting for their life hereafter. The second was the revival of Greek and Roman cultures which eventually enriched their society and knowledge of various disciplines.

Why Did Renaissance Begin in Florence?

The revival in politics, wealth, and Medici family are regarded as the most important ingredients responsible for driving the renaissance in Florence. It was a state in which political power lied in the hands of few wealthy families that led to exponential increase in corruption. This state of imbalance provided an effective room for change to adapt a political system that could provide more individual freedom; a school of thought primarily driven by revival of Roman Catholism. Moreover, the state’s location drove its financial stability; Florence benefitted by the most important trade routes, easy access to wool (a type of fabric which was in high demand during that time), and the strong banking services provided by the Medici family to their international clients. As a ramification of robust commerce and banking, affluent families in Florence invested in its arts, churches, and cathedrals. The rationale behind this investment was to show gratitude for the blessings by repaying the society. However, historians believe that it was the competition to show their status amongst the wealthiest to create more beauty that led to the outstanding frescoed cathedrals and chapels standing tall and beautiful today.


In a nut shell, it was the revival of religious teachings which encouraged masses to stand against the oppression characterising their political system then. Eradicating the feudal system to provide more freedom of speech and choice, encouraged people to work for their betterment and for the society’s as a whole. This behaviour resulted in wealth creation, accumulation, and investment in more humanistic aspects of life like literature and arts. Undoubtedly, renaissance in Florence is a remarkable example of the power of belief system in a human society.

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