UFO and Roswell

Roswell City in New Mexico derives its name from one of the pioneer settlers Van C. Smith who named it after his father, Roswell Smith. Nothing remains etched in Roswell historical records than the UFO incident that occurred in 1947. The episode was a mix of humor, embarrassment, fact and fiction. It is alleged that a spacecraft from outer space crashed within the area. What followed was a twist of reports. Up to this day, the US Army maintains that indeed there was a crash. On the contrary, none of the debris retrieved had anything to do with aliens. People who witnessed the happening claimed that the military cleared the crash area. Military personnel took away the spacecraft’s debris and took its occupants into custody.

The connection between UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) and the city of Roswell started in the 1980s. Back then, Stanton Friedman, a researcher on UFOs and extraterrestrial sightings decided to investigate the matter further. With the aid of newspaper reports and conflicting press releases issued by military authorities, Stanton went in search of Lt. Walter Haut. Lt. Haut was the information officer at the military airbase in Roswell where the wreckage was stored. This investigation sucked in many other interested parties seeking for answers. It was clear that the military spokesman, Lt. Haut had issued a statement on July 8, 1947 stating that the military had taken possession of a flying saucer. Another statement was issued the following day. It denounced the first one. It stated that the crash involved a weather balloon.

The cover-up triggered a lot of questions and numerous investigations on the subject. For example, Thomas and Schmitt wondered why people had to travel 75 miles just to witness a weather balloon crash. Today, decades later, the matter is still shrouded in mystery. Nonetheless, in the early 1990s, Haut mooted the idea of establishing a museum in honor of the event. The museum contains tons of information on research carried out by UFO hunters. Every year, there is a commemoration of the Roswell UFO event. This makes UFO and Roswell almost synonymous. Meanwhile, Roswell city thrives economically, socially and in many other ways. The UFO museum still maintains that there was actually a spacecraft from outer space. Official reports on the matter have been closed. Anyone visiting Roswell should go to the museum. There is so much to learn about UFOs and other outer space sightings

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