Defining Interesting Essay Topics

An interesting essay topic that you write needs to be something that you would read. It is that simple. Depending on what level of essay writing you are at, the definition of what is considered interesting will change. There are three things that you should keep in mind when you are sitting down and trying to come up with a topic for an essay.

Is It at Your Level

For example, if you are an expert in the field of winemaking, and you teach at an Ivy League University, an essay on how wine is made isn’t going to seem that interesting. However, an essay on a new varietal that is now on the market may spark your attention.

The same goes for a high school or college level student. If you are learning about a new topic, it would be a good idea to keep it general so that you can learn about your topic- but try to find a spin on it. Ask yourself, what would I want to know about this? Once you answer that question, you have a better idea of a topic of an essay that someone else may find interesting.

Find Your Passion and Relate It

What are you really passionate about? Art, music, sports, and history are all concepts that can bring out the fascination out of any topic. For example, if you are asked to write an essay about yourself, compare yourself to a crayon, or a piece of sporting equipment. If you are asked to write about a time period and you love conversing with people, tell a story. There are many different ways that you can shape an essay and still have it be informative and interesting at the same time.

Go With Your Gut

There are many times when individuals are getting ready to sit down and write an essay and they negate their creativity. They believe, “this is stupid,” or “no one is going to want to read this.” Often, the contrary is true. Go with your gut. If you think that you have come up with a good idea, most of the time, you are probably right.

Defining what an interesting essay topic is depends on not only you as a writer, but you as a reader. If you put passion into what you are writing, there is going to be someone else who will think that your creativity and your choice in topic are going to be spectacular. Give yourself a break, and think outside of the box.

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