Ann Beattie’s Weekend Essay Analysis

Ann Beattie is a notable writer known for creating children’s content, essay’s and short stories.  While her writing career has had its share of success, her grades were poor in school as a child.  Later, she graduated from the American University with a major in English and attended the University of Connecticut.  Soon after, the New Yorker magazine published some of her first written stories.  Throughout the 1970s -2000s she continued to publish a variety of works and received honorable recognition for her writing contributions. 

Beattie’s work has had its share of positive and negative reviews.  Some say she has a distinctive voice that makes her a good spokesperson for her generation, yet others feel her ideas on different subjects are unrealistic with imperfections lacking clarity.  Many of her written works have been enjoyed by readers and writers alike, but one of her projects has been reviewed and read by the masses; “Weekend.”

Weekend is a short story written by Beattie.  It features a main central conflict between George and Lenore, the main characters.  The main characters supposedly live together and have a child but don’t have a relationship with each other.  Lenore doesn’t show George her hurting emotions when he does things considered wrong and distasteful such as bringing home other women.  The story is told by Lenore in third-person.  With the story being told in this way, readers get a deep look into the feelings of Lenore.  It also makes readers wonder what is really going on with other characters mentioned in the story. 

Because of various concepts, viewpoints and interesting plot setting, the short story essay is one of the most popular college essays read by students.  You can read shorter versions of it online to get an idea of the plot behind the story.  Some sites require membership in order for to view the essay in its entirety. 

Individuals who have read the essay feel it is a good study piece.  It conveys different emotions through the characters in the story, yet you don’t have a clear understanding of everyone’s thoughts and actions. Beattie’s work in “Weekend” has received similar feedback from critics who reviewed other written works she has created.  Some reviewers feel her work has matured and improved overtime, but complaints included more of her fictional intentions were becoming realistic.  Some attribute these factors to the characters lacking backgrounds of historical and psychological nature.

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