Where To Find Interesting Short Essay Examples Free Of Charge

Becoming a good writer is a process which often requires you to pour over the work of better writers looking for ways to incorporate their methods into your own style. Even flawed papers can be helpful if you learn from their mistakes. This is only possible if you find enough pieces to learn from. Here are a few of the sources you should consider:

  • Start a writers’ club
  • If you do the exercise alone you will find yourself spending more time on it than is necessary. Find others in your class who need sample essays and start writing them together. Consider this: If five of you write three essays each, you will each now have access to 15 essays that you can analyze and critique as well as feedback on the quality of your work from honest sources.

  • Scour the internet
  • The internet thrives on written content. Some of it may be less scholastic in nature and therefore somewhat useless to you but that still leaves a considerable amount that you can use. Eliminate those that are too long, too boring or too poorly constructed to be of use to you. This can still leave you with more work than you can hope to analyze in one lifetime. Added to this, the quantity of online content continues to grow.

  • Ask your teacher
  • The samples your teacher collects from better than average students will most likely skew to higher word counts than you need. Still, they give you useful hints as to what he or she likes to read so you should not neglect to ask to see as many samples as possible from this source. Specify that you prefer shorter ones if need be.

  • Look for text books on writing
  • Books about writing contain lengthy explanations about how each piece is constructed. This is often accompanied by an example. The section on essays in a good text should have more than one expertly written sample essay to show readers how to do what was previously explained. If you get your hands on several of these texts you will be in an even better position as your pool of samples will be multiplied.

Try each of these methods in turn but bear in mind that they may not all suit your purposes. Choose the one you like best and stick with it for improved results.

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