A list of 5 interesting topics for narrative essays

When they are structured properly, narrative essays can be enjoyable to read and to write. Along with proper structure, the topic can also make or break the narrative essay, too. Since essays are written to be read, all writers should consider their audience during the prewriting stages and while they are in the midst of writing. With a narrative essay, choosing an interesting topic is the best way to get the reader engaged. These are five broad topics that you could use to write a narrative essay that your audience will enjoy reading:

  • Survival: Most people have some type of survival story. This type of topic requires the writer to share emotions, especially the fear of not being able to survive the situation. A survival situation could be rustic, like surviving a camping expedition, or educational, like surviving a test you did not prepare for in advance. Many writers focus on success stories, but you could show how you failed, too.
  • Journeys: Like survival stories, many people have journeys they can share, too. This could be a short journey, like your trip through the grocery store aisles or it could be a journey on a long road trip. Be sure to go into detail about your experiences along the way.
  • Love and loss: While this topic might sound like only sad topics, you could add “and love” to the end. Most people can relate to loving and losing, especially when it comes to pets, elderly relatives, and first loves. Like the survival stories, be sure to share your emotions clearly.
  • Coming of Age: When did you realize you were no longer a child? The coming-of-age story is one of the most fascinating stories that anyone can tell. Nearly every adult has a coming-of-age story and they all have varying emotions attached to them. Tell this story with heart and guts and your audience will be riveted to your experience.
  • My Favorite ____________: Everyone has their favorites, but have you ever pondered why those things are our favorites? This is the opportunity to tell why you love chocolate chip cookies or why algebra is your favorite class. This is a topic that you could write in a way that would make your readers laugh out loud - which is the sign of a great essay!

Regardless of the topic you choose, your task in a narrative essay is to tell your story. It is also important to tell what you learned from the experience, which is where your writing becomes more than just a story - it becomes an essay.

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