How To Rewrite Essay Examples To Create Plagiarism-Free Papers

Essays and term papers are a major part of most high school and college classes, especially for subjects in the humanities and social sciences like English and history. Essay assignments generally count for a very large part of your grade, and if you fail the assignment or don’t turn anything in, you might even fail the entire class. Some students struggle with structuring their ideas in a logical progression, the way that academic writing requires. For others, life gets in the way. Personal or family emergencies, illness, and other factors can interfere with your ability to get an assignment done. In these cases, it’s sometimes a good idea to find or purchase an essay example that you can rewrite in your own words. An example essay has all of the information and citations you’ll need, but it’s incredibly important not to just turn it in and claim it as your own work. Plagiarism is taken very seriously in academia, from middle school all the way up to college professors who do academic research. If you’re caught plagiarizing, you could be suspended or even expelled from school. If you’re in college, this could completely ruin your academic career.

The key to using example papers is to rewrite them completely, in your own words. This isn’t as difficult as it sounds. All of the ideas, information, and valid sources are already put together for you, so you won’t have to do any painstaking research or outlining. Rewriting a sample paper is a quick way to finish an assignment in a pinch, so it’s worth considering. Here are a few useful tips for avoiding plagiarism when you’re rewriting a sample essay:

  • Rephrase everything in your own words. The biggest determinant of plagiarism is copying someone else’s wording without crediting them. Sample essays offer all the content and ideas you need, but you’ll need to completely change the wording if you want to use it for an assignment. This isn’t as difficult as it sounds. You can change up the sentence structure, find synonyms for words, and otherwise alter the words themselves enough that the paper will pass services like Copyscape.

  • Proofread the paper before you turn it in. If you’re using an example essay, you might not be the best at grammar and spelling. This is fine, but be sure to read over your paper before you turn it in. This will allow you to catch mistakes, like typos, that your spell checker might not pick up on.
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