Tips for Writing Successful Argumentative Essays

So you think you know about arguments, right? It is easy to argue with a friend or other peers on subject matter that seems important to us. We get loud, and we express our viewpoints. We always think we are right, but is our argument sound, is it reasonable, are we correct? Chances are most of the arguments we have held with our peers aren’t that good, and the same position we play with them, doesn’t work in paper format. There are key steps one must take in order to present a successful argumentative essay, because who we express our arguments with friends just won’t work.

Tips you Need to Create a Successful Argument

You must do a few things within your paper in order for it to be sound. These things include:

  • Establishing the facts:
  • These facts will help support our arguments. Facts are just that, facts. Using assumptions or statements that don’t at minimum use sound reason will not aid you in crafting a successful argument.

  • Clarification Of relevance:
  • This refers to your audience. You want to craft an essay that speaks to your audience, It has to be something they care about otherwise, they don’t have a stake in your argument. If they have no stake in the argument this could lead to a disinterest in the argument altogether

  • Prioritizing Information:
  • When constructing your paper you only want to present relevant information that stand to back your argument. Weak points need to be identified early on and thrown out. Make sure to include the strongest points first in your argument.

The Art of Persuasion

In order to create a successful argument you have to be able to persuade your audience. You must persuade them In two ways. The first is persuading them that they care about, or have a vested interest in the topic. Two, is you have to persuade them through shared values, and facts that your argument is sound. The last thing you must do when crafting an argumentative essay is to communicate confidence. If your paper is uses factual information and sound reason, but the author delivers the information in a way that does not emote confidence, the audience may reject the argument.

When crafting an argumentative essay it is true that you cannot take the same format you use when arguing aloud with friends. You have to follow certain rules in order to successfully persuade your audience.

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