Teaching Essay Writing: A List Of Great Prompts

When you are learning how to write an essay, the best way to do it is with practice.  If you practice at anything you will get better every time that you do it.  Using prompts to practice writing essays is a good way to improve your writing skills and ensure that you next essay will be a great one.

Basic Essay Writing

  • The first thing you need to do is to pick a topic for your essay.
  • With that topic you then need to pick a thesis or a main idea for your essay.
  • Do research and then outline the intro, body and conclusion of your essay.
  • Write your intro to you essay, you need to write a great opening sentence and then put your thesis after that. An a couple more sentences that introduces your topic.
  • The body of your essay need to give the reader evidence and supporting facts for your topic.
  • Lastly, you need to conclude the essay but you don’t want to completely close the topic because you might have to do more on the topic later.
  • As with anything you write you want to make sure you always proofread and edit your work.  This means filling in holes in your research and correcting grammar and errors in the essay.

Writing Prompts

Since there is are all kinds of different essays, it a good idea to practice each of them, so you are prepared for whatever kind of essay you are assigned to write.


This kind of essay has you describe a person, place, or thing.

  • Your locker.
  • What your dream house will look like.
  • Your bedroom.
  • Your favorite vacation.
  • Your favorite place to eat.


A narrative essay is an essay where you tell a story that has a moral or something else in it that means something to you.

  • A memorable day in your life.
  • First day of school.
  • A scary moment in your life.
  • Surviving a natural disaster.
  • An accident that you were in.

Persuasive or Argumentative

In a persuasive or argumentative essay you are trying to convince your audience that your point of view on a topic is valid.

  • Should students take a year off before college?
  • Should all U.S. citizens be ordered to vote by law?
  • Should Americans be given longer vacations and holidays each year?
  • Should the government and army be given the right to go on strike?
  • Should students be allowed to go to state colleges for free?

These are just some of the writing prompts that you can use to better your essay writing skills.  If you have to do an essay on a different kind of essay, there are tons of prompts provided by essay writing help online that you can use to practice those types of essays.

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