Nonviolent Resistance

Nonviolent resistance is the oppression of laws that have been put into place. The oppression simply states that you will not do as the laws have directed you to do, although your actions are in a non-threatening manner. We have seen many acts of nonviolent resistance throughout our current life and throughout history. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wrote a book of the same title. Here we will look at this book by Dr. King and discover the three ways that were outlined to deal with oppression.

Dealing with Oppression

In the book by Dr. King it is discussed that there are three ways in which people are dealing with nonviolent resistance and oppression. – Acquiescence, violence and nonviolent resistance. In Dr. King’s novel the third method of oppression is used as a way to guide wars with the races. The book, written when African Americans struggled with equality and being treated with the same remedies of the law, attempts to show the reader that nonviolent resistance is the best way to handle problems of this nature. The other two methods only caused more problems.

Persuasion Wins the Reader

The piece by Dr. King was written with the high level of knowledge and the power to reach an audience. He uses a variety of techniques to bring to life his words and what he wanted the African American community to know, and dose this though emotional strategies and logical thinking. The book is written in a way that does not try to convince a person to take on one strategy or the next. Rather Dr. King uses persuasion to help the readers understand his point of view and why he feels that nonviolent resistance is the best approach to handling racism, segregating and the other acts of inequality African Americans faced. Dr. King covers all three methods of dealing with oppression thoroughly and strongly persuades the audience to accept his way of thinking as the best. In all actuality it was since the other methods only caused more and more problems.


Nonviolent resistance is a topic that was close to the heart of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and one that was covered thoroughly in his speech. He wholeheartedly believed that the world could overcome their struggles through this method. His speech details those thoughts and feelings without trying to turn anyone over to his thoughts. It is a must read for anyone enjoying their history.

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