Determinism vs. Indeterminism

Determinism is basically based on the principle of cause and effect. This school of thought holds that everything in the universe happens because of a given set of circumstances. Indeterminism on the other hand is founded upon the concept that frees will. Indeterminism alleges that at any time in life, an individual has a choice. Based on this premise, it clearly emerges that both these two principles are philosophical in nature because of their relativity. In addition to this, it is also clear that one is the antonym of the other implying if one holds then the other is false. One of my fundamental beliefs is the fact the philosophy of determinism runs the world for the following reasons.

To begin with, all the laws of nature are based on the principle of determinism. Everything in the universe happens because of some cause. Nothing happens in a vacuum. For instance the force of gravity ensures that naturally everything suspended in the atmosphere experiences a downwards pull, we’re able to walk because of the force of inertia, the sun rises and sets on a daily basis because of the earth’s rotational process, and life exists because all living organism; breathe to mention but a few. Generally, this implies that every natural process we see today occurs as a result of the interrelation between causal and effective forces.

Secondly, the philosophy of determinism gives sanity to the universe we have today. This subsequently implies that the principle of determinism shapes human behavior, mannerism and actions. In fact without determinism, we would live in a state of anarchy. The sheer fact that the human race is governed by some rules and regulations whether formally or informally implies that determinism holds true. As a matter fact these rules and regulations exist because of the basal nature of humanity. For instance, we work hard to meet some intrinsic or extrinsic need, and we’ve freedoms because our lives need some form of flexibility among others. Generally, human actions, behavior and mannerism are motivated by either aggression or sex.

Finally, if indeterminism existed then life wouldn’t as it is today. This is because everyone would have their way in life and hence the structure that has been put up by determinism won’t exist anymore. For instance instead of walking I would choose to fly, instead of patiently waiting for my writing account to be activated I would just start writing cases and expect payment from the company, and the sun would rise from the west and set east. Basically life and the universe as we know it today would have been governed by wishful reasoning, acts and processes.

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