A List Of Controversial Topics For Persuasive Essays On Politics

Controversy goes hand in hand with politics. Always has, always will. Politics ruin holidays by putting family, alcohol, and issues involving church and state together in the same room. Inevitably, someone takes a comment  personally, (which is the goal) and the next thing you know coffee and ice cream has been canceled and you’re driving home with a whole gallon of mint chocolate chip ice cream, and the true “change” politicians promise has finally benefited your freezer.

Any topic is a hot topic nowadays, but that doesn’t mean they are worthy of a well-thought out essay.

Choose your battles

  • Stay away from pop culture issues masquerading as important social or political issues. Media outlets love to try to create a crisis to sell copy or get clicks. Don’t join the herd. Knowing what is worth your time and what belongs in People magazine is paramount to being a worthwhile member of society.
  • Focusing on topics that have importance to you can help finding and researching this essay so much easier. Finding what you're passionate about is certainly motivating.

If you are prepared to argue about something, logic suggests you should also be ready to research it as well. PROPERLY.

Stand on solid ground

  • Keep it relevant. This starts with your sources. Your topic should be worthy of more than celebrity websites spewing hearsay and gossip. If not, you probably weren’t paying attention to anything written above.
  • After eliminating so-called vanity sources, your choices are slightly narrowed. Large news agencies offer the most valid coverage, although it is hard to know who to trust these days.
  • Finding credible sources is usually responsible for more than half of the work you put in WRITING the essay.

Research is key to staying informed and above conjecture. Part of being persuasive is having the ability to differentiate between what is fact and what is just controversy. Today’s cultural and political climate is teeming with issues that toe the line between relevant and irrelevant, gossip and scandal versus valid and important. The challenge begins before you even sit down to write the essay, because your first task involves making sure you have a topic that is controversial for the right reasons. Your opinion matters, so keep that in mind. It isn’t often you are given the chance to speak your mind. Stay informed. Stay objective.

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