Childhood Memory Essays – Searching For Sources Of Inspiration

Searching for inspiration for a childhood memory essay depends on the angle or subject of interest you want to write about. Childhood memories can be both good and bad, yet it may depend on what you can remember the most or what was considered the most significant event that left a lasting impression on your life. While you may have the option to write about anything, the following tips may give a general idea on how you can draw writing inspiration for your assignment.

Moments of Embarrassment

Most kids have moments in which they experience being embarrassed in front of their peers or family members. At that time it may have been difficult for you to face others after what happened. But know, you may be able to look back at that moment and laugh. How much do you remember? Who was there and what made it so memorable. How did it make you feel when the occurrence happened? What did you learn from it?

Learning the Death of a Loved One

Even adults have a hard time dealing with the loss of a loved one, but the effect is known to profound on a child. Did you experience an accident in which someone lost their life? Did you lose a loved one such as a parent before you were born or when you very young? What about the loss of a pet? How did you feel when you learned about death and the fact that a person is no longer living? Has the loss had an effect on how you live your life today?

Memories at School

Many of us have all sorts of memories from school. Maybe there was someone who always bullied you and you would try to hid or figure out a way to get away from them. Maybe you were known as the class clown who liked to make people laugh. What about the time you first fell in love or had feelings for someone? What was it like when you went to your first formal dance? Or, what about that science project that almost blew the roof of the house. Why was it that some kids seemed more popular than others? How did you feel when you started puberty?

Such essays of this nature may have students sharing darker moments of their childhood such as abuse, emotional problems, or other personal events that helped the student grow into a better person.

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