My family essays: creative writing advice

No one can ever deny the importance of family. Family holds an irreplaceable position in our lives. An individual stands nowhere without taking into account his/her family. Family is the key root from which you start the journey of your life and you keep on growing with their constant untiring efforts and with the support of family you achieve your meaningful goals throughout the life. Family plays a vital role in shaping your whole personality. Keeping in view the importance of family, your curriculum has been set. It is included in the curriculum of almost every country that students should learn to write family essays earlier in their student life.

Almost in every school around the globe, students in the fifth grade are advised to write creatively and most of the time, students choose to write essays about any of their family member as their creative writing task.

Family essays can be written on any level of education but majorly the students ranging from 11 to 14 years are advised to write essays on family.

There are certain techniques or rules which a student should learn to create a good family essay. The basic principles required to write a good family essay are very simple and easy. Here, one by one, the short principles for creative writing family essays are listed:

Topic Selection:

Pick one of your family member, father, mother, brother, uncle, and sister etc.

  • Title of the essay:
  • Do not use a 2-word title. Choose a creative and attractive title for your essay.

  • Family Tree:
  • Make or describe briefly your family tree or history.

  • Family Information:
  • Share valuable information about your family

  • Emotional Ties in family:
  • Emotional issues can also be documented like adoption issues, marriage issues, and immigration etc

  • Family Experiences:
  • Good and bad memories associated with the family.

  • Family Rituals:
  • Family rituals, traditions, and values can be discussed.

  • Social stature of the family:
  • Social status, economic status, social position, and social class etc of the family can find its place in the family essay.

  • Entertainment with Family:
  • Adventures and recreational moments passed with family can be added to the family essay.

  • Concern of the family:
  • At the end of the family essay, the concern of the families toward the individual and responsibilities of the individual toward the family can be added to make the family essay more appealing and effective.

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