A Failed Religious Conquest in Latin America

During the late 1400s through the late 1500s Latin America was influenced by religion to make things better for themselves and their government. When reviewing such events that took place during this time, it gives the impression the Spanish were influenced or brainwashed into believing certain things would work out for their people if a few changes were adopted from an outside force. Many feel that if the Spanish were happy with the way things were why where they persuaded to change that lead to the failure of the conquest?

At one point the colonial church provided all the control Spanish America needed. They had goals that included specific attitudes and values to help shape the area they lived in. Some believed there was more power here that was not being enforced at the time due to religious beliefs. This also meant rebellion and opposition were things the Spanish America would not engage in due to staying within their moral ways. But, for some reason another outside force, such as the Indians, took advantage and eventually led to the failing of the conquest.

In modern society some believe the conquest would have been successful if the Spanish decided to rebel and oppose. Because the church was in place many felt the order would be disrupted if they did, but it seems it got disrupted anyway. Some wonder if the values of the church could have remained if those contributing to the failed conquest took the time to adopt them. The problem was they had their own agenda and wanted to do things differently by finding a weak spot in Spanish America to begin their own conquest that included making Spanish America fail.

Maintaining control became a challenge as well as developing sound political structure and making strides toward social differences. It seems the Spanish America had unique insight other nations could have used to help reduce war, greed and the need to be powerful. When the Spanish wanted to maintain order you would think they could have done so on their own, but others wonder what really happened during a time at which it seemed an area was on its way to achieving a period of religious justification. While things did seem to worsen overtime it created new concerns and issues other neighboring areas had to deal with as well.

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