Bigfoot Research Paper for University

Bigfoot or Sasquatch can prove to be a fun subject for a research paper. It’s safe to say that most people have heard of Bigfoot to some degree and roughly every country or culture has its own Bigfoot or Bigfoot-like creature. There are several things to take into consideration as topics you’ll want to touch upon in the course of your research paper and several things you’ll want to research to begin with.

Researching Bigfoot

The source material on Bigfoot is plentiful. You will have no problem finding a book or several books on Bigfoot at all. From the start your research paper will be a rather easy task. Below is a shortlist of topics to research:

  • Where are Bigfoot normally found? What habitats and climates?
  • Reported human interactions with Bigfoot and why they would have interactions.
  • Bigfoot descriptions. You’ll want to use supposed scientific accounts as well as eyewitness accounts merely to bolster your paper.
  • What are Bigfoot’s feeding habits? What are Bigfoot’s social habits?
  • What are some of the local Bigfoot creatures in different countries/regions?

Since Bigfoot is considered a cryptozoological animal—meaning that it may or may not exist, but there is no concrete evidence that it does exist—some of these are only supported by experts in cryptozoology. This is something that should be noted in your paper.

Topics to Touch On

As far as actual topics to write about when it comes to Bigfoot, roughly anything is on the table. Bigfoot is a subject that isn’t wholly supported with fact and statistics since it’s not a proven creature. This means the topics you’re going to touch on will depend on the actual direction of your research paper. The directions can include:

  • Informative: This is a difficult one since—once again—there’s no concrete facts or stats. There is merely what is implied about Bigfoot.
  • Sensational: Assume that Bigfoot does exist, what has Bigfoot done to others? Is Bigfoot a vandal? Does he/she rummage in garbage and knock over things? Is Bigfoot a he/she…or both? Does Bigfoot attack people? This allows for a lot of freedom with the vague descriptions and rather flimsy information that is out there.
  • Argumentative: Does Bigfoot exist? How would Bigfoot be able to exist with so much human influence on the wildlife around it? Etc.

Now that we have a general direction and our research done, you should pick out what to use in your research paper, how much information to use and what can be thrown away, and what the pace of your research paper should be.

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